Getting Started


To participate, you must first register to CLEF2014.
Registration link:

How to get the dataset

  1. Fill in the agreement form, and send it signed to
  2. Create an account on PhysioNet website: click on the link for “creating a PhysioNetWorks account” (near middle of page) ( and follow the instructions.
  3. Once logged in, go to our project physionet webpage ( and ask for access to the data
  4. Once approved, the organizers will add you to the physionetworks ShARE/CLEF eHealth 2013 Task 3 project as a reviewer. We will send you an email informing you that you can go to the PhysioNetWorks website and click on the authorized users link to access the data (it will ask you to log in using your physionetworks account login)
  5. (optional) Participants willing to get access to the discharge summaries (task 2 dataset) have to follow task 2 guidelines 


Document collection release 15th December 2013 
Training queries and relevance assessment release 31st January 2014
Test queries release 1st of April 2014
Submission of the results 1st of May 2014

Run Submission System:

Contact information

To post questions about Task 3 to fellow participants and organisers, please join the google group web forum:!forum/clef-ehealth-task-3
To contact the organisers directly: