2014 Guidelines

Attention lab participants! - you should now start writing your working notes papers! Submission deadline June 3rd.
Details on preparing working notes & link to the working notes submission system are available at:  http://clef2014.clef-initiative.eu/index.php?page=Pages/instructions_for_authors.html

Participants will be provided training and test data sets. The evaluation will be conducted using the withheld test queries. Participating teams are asked to stop development as soon as they download the test queries. Teams are allowed to use any outside resources in their algorithms.  

  • Run submission deadline: 1st of May (Hawai time UTC-10)
  • Task result release: 1st of June
  • Working notes submission deadline: 7th of June
Run Submission Guidelines:
  • Runs description
Task 3a (monolingual information retrieval): Participants can submit up to seven ranked runs for the English (EN) queries in Task 3a. Top 1,000 documents returned for each query should be included.
Task 3b (multilingual information retrieval): Participants can also submit up to seven ranked runs for the German (DE) queries, up to seven ranked runs for the French (FR) queries, and up to seven ranked runs for the Czech (CZ) queries. Top 1,000 documents returned for each query should be included.
Description of the runs for each sub-task:
• Run 1 (mandatory) is a baseline: only title and description in the query can be used, and no external resource (including discharge summary, corpora, ontology, etc) can be used.
• Runs 2-4 (optional) any experiment WITH the discharge summaries.
• Runs 5-7 (optional) any experiment WITHOUT the discharge summaries.

One of the runs from 2-4 and one from 5-7 must use the IR technique in Run 1 as a baseline. The idea being to allow analysis of the impact of discharge summaries/other techniques on the performance of the baseline Run 1.
The optional runs must be ranked in order of priority (for Runs 2-4, 2 is the highest priority; for Runs 5-7, 5 is the highest priority).
Submitted runs should use the following naming convention: <TeamName>_<QueryLanguage>_Run<RunNumber>.<FileFormat>
For example:  DCU_EN_Run1.dat , DCU_CZ_Run5.dat
Submitted runs have to follow TREC format; validity checking tool 'format-script-clefeHealth-task3.zip' is available in Physionet.
  • Runs Submission
Runs should be submitted through EasyChair: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=clefehealth2014

Submit separately to each task by selecting “New Submission”. You will submit all runs for one task at the same time. After you have created a new submission, you can update it, but no updates of runs are accepted after the deadline has passed.
2. List all your team members as “Authors”. “Address for Correspondence” and “Corresponding author” refer to your team leader. Note: you can acknowledge people not listed as authors separately in the working notes (to be submitted by June 7 (see below)) – we wish this process to be very similar to defining the list of authors in scientific papers.
3. Please provide the task and your team name as “Title” (e.g., “Task 1a: Team NICTA” or “Task 1a using extra annotations: Team NICTA”) and a short description (max 100 words) of your team as “Abstract”. See the category list below the abstract field for the task names. If you submit to multiple tasks, please copy and paste the same description to all your submissions and use the same team name in all submissions.
4. Choose a “category” and one or more “Groups” to describe your submission. We allow up to 7 runs for Task 3.
5. Please provide 3-10 “Keywords” that describe your the different runs in the submission, including methods (e.g., MetaMap, Support Vector Machines, Weka) and resources (e.g., Unified Medical Language System, expert annotation). You will provide a narrative description later in the process.
6. As “Paper” please submit a zip file including the runs for this task. Submitted runs should use the following naming convention: TeamName>_<QueryLanguage>_Run<RunNumber>.<FileFormat> (e.g. DCU_EN_Run1.dat , DCU_CZ_Run5.dat). The run ID 1 should refer to the mandatory baseline run (mandatory run); 2-4 to the runs generated using the discharge summaries (optional runs); and 5-7 to the runs generated without using the discharge summaries (optional runs). 
7. As the mandatory attachment file, please provide a txt file with a description of the submission. Please structure this file by using your run-file names above. For each run, provide a max 200 word summary of the processing pipeline (i.e., methods and resources).  Be sure to describe differences between the runs in the submission.
8. Before June 7, 2014, please submit your working notes. Formatting and submission guidelines will be soon available.
Post submission relevance assessment will be conducted on the test queries to generate the complete result set. 
The organizers will provide the evaluation results via the Easy Chair for CLEFeHealth2014 runs. This includes your ranking with respect to other teams as well as the value(s) of the official evaluation measure(s).
Evaluation Metrics:
Evaluation will focus on P@5, P@10, NDCG@5, NDCG@10, but other suitable IR evaluation measures will also be computed for the submitted runs.
Evaluation metrics can be computed with the trec_eval evaluation tool, which is available from http://trec.nist.gov/trec_eval/.
Working notes:
Participating groups in Task 3 must submit a report (working notes) describing their Task 3 experiments.

Details on preparing working notes & link to the working notes submission system are available at:  http://clef2014.clef-initiative.eu/index.php?page=Pages/instructions_for_authors.html