Getting Started


To participate, you must first register to CLEF2014 on this page: After we have received your registration, we will email you further guidelines about gaining an access to Task 1 data.


Starting Points

Starting points for consideration for a solution include state of the art techniques from interactive data visualisation, document and network visualisation, multimedia visualisation, and related fields. Following the well-known overview-first, detail-on-demand paradigm is recommended as a good starting point for participants. Implementations can be done in any appropriate environment, including using native languages such as JAVA or using packages such as D3.


Recommended reading:

Requirements and examples of features for explorative search systems

Problems and approaches for integration of automatic and visual-interactive data analysis methods

Health Design Challenge 2013 

IEEE VIS Workshop on Public Health's Wicked Problems



We provide the following examples to inspire all participants. However, these are not model solutions. They are intended to inspire critical thinking and new ideas.


Task 1a. Discharge resolution challenge


Task 1b. Visual exploration challenge



Task 1. Grand challenge of integrated 1a and 1b